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Welcome to the Marshall Coin Vault

Looking to Buy Rare Coins or Precious Metals?
Whether you're searching for older coins, gold coins, silver bars or just looking to complete a coin collection, feel free to browse through our Inventory. All rare coins are professionally graded and competitively priced! In addition, we offer both bullion coins and bars.

Looking to Sell?
Tired of being offered insultingly low prices for your coins? Feel like other coin dealers are not being straightforward with you? Look no further. We will appraise individual coins and even large coin collections for you – then make an honest offer. Our offers, in most cases, are considerably higher than any other dealers out there! Click here for more information about our appraisal process.

While primarily an internet-based company, we are a coin and licensed bullion dealer situated in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

Highlighted Items

All of our rare coin inventory meets the following:
– Certified & graded by either NGC or PCGS.
– Graded AU level or higher.
– Offered not only at a competitive price, but also below the grader's listed price.

Number of Certified CoinsAverage Discount off Grader Price

You can use the navigation pane located on the left to browse through our inventory. Coin inventory and prices are updated on a regular basis.

If you are new to our site, feel free to visit the FAQs & About Us pages to learn more about the company.

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