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 YearTypeSubTypeGradeGraderGrader PriceOur PriceDescriptionStatus
18435.00-GoldLiberty Head $5 AU55NGC$775.00$680.00An affordable early example of a $5 Liberty Head Variety 1 (No Motto) coin. Modest existing population for this year.Sold
18805.00-GoldLiberty Head $5 MS62NGC$625.00$560.00 Sold
18825.00-GoldLiberty Head $5 MS62PCGS$540.00$510.00 Sold
18975.00-GoldLiberty Head $5 MS63NGC$650.00$555.00 Sold
18995.00-GoldLiberty Head $5 AU55PCGS$725.00$610.00 Open
19045.00-GoldLiberty Head $5 AU55PCGS$725.00$610.00 Open
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