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Available Items:
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 YearTypeSubTypeGradeGraderGrader PriceOur PriceDescriptionStatus
1986Bullion-SilverSilver EaglesMS69NGC$125.00$90.00First year for the US Silver Eagle seriesOpen
1987Bullion-SilverSilver Eagles1987 BU  $35.00Early date US Silver EagleOpen
1988Bullion-SilverSilver Eagles1988 BU  $35.00Early date US Silver EagleOpen
1993Bullion-SilverCanadian Silver 1993 BU  $34.001993 Canadian 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf CoinOpen
2011Bullion-Silver5 oz America the Beautiful Silver Coins MS69DMPLPCGS$270.00$260.00.999 Silver Bullion. Gettysburg National Park example.Open
2012-SBullion-SilverSilver EaglesReverse PR BU  $110.00Reverse Proof Silver Eagle. Currently, there's been only 5 years this type of silver eagle has been minted. None since 2013. Coin container included.Open
2014Bullion-SilverTokelau Silver PF70 UCNGC $75.002014 Tokelau Creatures Myth & Legend Pegasus 1 oz Silver Proof (Ultra Cameo) coin. While NGC does not provide a price for this coin, PF70 UC is the top grade a proof coin can be given by NGC.Open
2015Bullion-SilverSilver EaglesPR BU  $57.00This proof Silver Eagle comes with official US Mint COA and Gift Box.Open
2015Bullion-SilverAustralian Silver BlackOut BU  $70.00One ounce of silver - black ruthenium & 24 Kt gold finish. Comes w/ offical COA and gift box. One of only 1,000 minted!Open
N/ABullion-Silver5 oz Silver Bars BU  $160.005oz SilverTowne Buffalo Nickel Design Silver BarOpen
N/ABullion-Silver5 oz Silver Bars BU  $160.00Includes Sunshine Minting SI security feature.Open
N/ABullion-Silver10 oz Silver Bars BU  $320.0010 oz Geiger Silver BarOpen

Previously Sold Items:
YearTypeSubTypeGradeGraderGrader PriceOur PriceStatus
1989Bullion-SilverCanadian Silver 1989 BU  $34.00Sold
1993Bullion-SilverSilver EaglesBU  $28.00Sold
1996Bullion-SilverAustralian Silver MS69NGC $80.00Sold
2002Bullion-SilverSilver EaglesBU  $28.00Sold
2005Bullion-SilverSilver Eagles2005 BU  $32.00Sold
2005Bullion-SilverSilver Eagles2005 BU  $32.00Sold
2011Bullion-SilverCanadian Silver Wildlife BU  $35.00Sold
2011Bullion-SilverSilver Eagles2011 BU  $34.00Sold
2012Bullion-SilverCanadian Silver 2012 Wildlife BU  $32.00Sold
2013Bullion-SilverMexican Silver 1 oz Libertad BU  $29.00Sold
2015Bullion-SilverNew Zealand Silver PR BU  $36.00Sold
2015Bullion-SilverSilver Eagles2015 BU  $35.00Sold
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