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 YearTypeSubTypeGradeGraderGrader PriceOur PriceDescriptionStatus
1846 Small DateCentBraided Hair Cent AU55PCGS$280.00$260.00 Open
1857CentFlying Eagle Cent AU55PCGS$325.00$285.00 Open
1863CentIndian Cent MS62PCGS$185.00$170.00Civil War era coin.Sold
1896CentIndian Cent MS64RBPCGS$200.00$175.00Given the more desirable "RB" designation. Minimal higher coin population.Open
1909 VDBCentLincoln Cents MS66RDPCGS$325.00$290.00First year for Lincoln cents. Given the most desirable RD designation. Older green holder. The coin appears to have rotated slightly in its holder.Open
1943CentLincoln Cents MS66NGC$59.00$45.00Steel cent. Due to a greater need for copper during World War 2, steel was used in the production of 1943 pennies.Open
1954-SCentLincoln Cents MS66RDNGC$34.50$25.00 Open
1955-SCentLincoln Cents MS67RDNGC$115.00$95.00 Open
1956CentLincoln Cents PF69RDNGC$450.00$275.00A "top pop" example. Nothing graded higher at either NGC or PCGS for this coin. A spotless proof.Sold
1964CentLincoln Cents PF69RDNGC$125.00$65.00A superb, high-grade, proof coin.Sold
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