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 YearTypeSubTypeGradeGraderGrader PriceOur PriceDescriptionStatus
1921DollarPeace Dollar AU58PCGS$550.00$435.00High Relief coin type. First year of series.Sold
1923DollarPeace Dollar MS64NGC$60.00$50.00 Sold
1923DollarPeace Dollar MS65NGC$100.00$90.00 Sold
1923DollarPeace Dollar MS63PCGS$70.00$60.00 Open
1923DollarPeace Dollar MS64PCGS$100.00$85.00 Open
1924DollarPeace Dollar MS63PCGS$80.00$70.00 Sold
1925DollarPeace Dollar MS64NGC$65.00$60.00 Sold
1926-SDollarPeace Dollar AU58PCGS$65.00$55.00 Open
1928-SDollarPeace Dollar AU55PCGS$140.00$120.00Better date in the Peace dollar series.Open
1935DollarPeace Dollar MS64NGC$255.00$220.00An uncommon Peace dollar date.Sold
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